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Modular Homes, MA, RI, CT, NH, Custom Modular Homes, Modular Homes Builder, Modular Housing Builder, Modular Housing, Manufactured Homes, Walpole, MA, Factory Built Precision Homes, Factory Manufactured Homes

Millbrook Homes Builder: Modular Homes, MA, Modular Homes Builder, Modular Housing, Factory Built Precision Homes, Walpole, MA, Wayland, MA, RI, CT, NH

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Modular's go Mansions : Executive Homes : Green Homes
Millbrook Modular Homes is Celebrating 30 Years of Modular Home Building
Fully Licensed, Fully Insured,
For immediate service, please contact us at 508.734.5884.
“Yes We Do It All”
Demolitions, Permits, Planning Board, Engineering,
Tree Removal, Foundations, Driveways and Landscaping
We are a “Concept to Completion Builder”
We have our own Team
Speed, 15-20% Savings
Custom design plans for $299
Custom Design Homes at No Additional Cost
Millbrook Homes offers forty-four modular models to choose from in MA, RI, CT and NH states.
Customize them or give us your plans and we will give you the keys to your dream home in 6 weeks.
Home of the 2" x 10" exterior walls that can save you up to 30% in heating costs.
Millbrook Homes Builder : Custom Modular Homes :
Factory Manufactured Homes : RI, MA, NH, CT
  Millbrook Homes
Full Service Turn-Key Company

Millbrook Homes specializes in constructing factory precision, energy-efficient, custom homes in MA, RI, NH, and CT. Our experienced team works with you from start to finish on all the decisions and details involved in creating your customized modular home.

Our factory precision modular homes are manufactured with superior materials by trained craftsmen in a controlled environment where every stage of production is carefully monitored and taken through a meticulous quality control process – an approach which produces an energy-efficient home built on time and on budget. Once your material and color selections are completed, your new precision factory-built home will be delivered to your site in 6 weeks.

We are a full service turn-key company serving MA, RI, NH, and CT.

This means that site excavation, engineering, foundation, plumbing, electrical hookups, driveway, landscaping, walkway, outdoor lights and even your mailbox can be completed by Millbrook.

You may do some or all of the site work; or you may have us take care of every detail. We also offer land location and financing services. Further details are available on our SERVICES & OPTIONS page.

Millbrook Modular Homes Builder : RI, MA, NH, CT

Millbrook Homes - providing services in RI, MA, NH, and CT - creates single, multi-family, and additions to existing homes for clients ranging from homeowners to large tract developers from gracious colonial estate-style country homes to multi-family mid-rise urban projects.

Millbrook Homes is a modular home builder that works with you to custom build the home you want. We offer the most complete range of services and the widest selection of options.
Custom Modular Homes: RI, MA, NH, CT

Factory manufactured homes are stronger, more durable and have increased energy efficiency compared to traditional stick-built homes. Although factory manufactured homes cost about 25% less to build than traditional stick-built homes, 25% more lumber is used in the construction of prefabricated modular homes.
Modular Housing: RI, MA, NH, CT

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High Performance Green Homes : Modular Garages
Modular Homes Builder: RI, MA, CT, NH
Green Homes: RI, MA, CT, NH

It’s the future of home building; a tighter, more energy-efficient home. Millbrook Homes is proud to produce modular homes that are energy efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified and environmentally friendly. It is our goal at Millbrook Homes to provide our customers with the most efficient manufactured home for the best price possible. Please visit our DESIGNER HOMES for plans and styles section or download our brochures.
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Modular Garages Builder: RI, MA, CT, NH
Please visit our MODULAR GARAGES for plans and styles section or download our brochures.
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Financing is available; approvals and money in your hand in six weeks for qualified applicants.
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We Offer Demolition & Temporary Homes Services
Tuesday - Friday
2:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.
10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
Come See Our New Model on Route 1 in Walpole!
We have three Showrooms Showing over 200 House Plans.
(1.3 miles north of Gillette Stadium on the southbound side).
At our informative seminar we will discuss the process of "factory precision" building modular homes from Millbrook Modular Homes.
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From: Nikole Kimberly Skoko
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 2:10 AM
To: Cary Orlandi; Dragan Skoko
Subject: Powder Room Cabinet - Sharon House Good Morning Good Men!!
Cary, I hope that you are in good spirits this morning. It has been a real pleasure to watch the boxes become our home... I am really psyched by all of the progress.
Your crews have been amazing and they have truly been a joy. I have been shouting your praises from the rooftops all over town!
Dragan and I treated your Maine crew to a Burger and Beer after they shut down on Wednesday night. They were so very appreciative. It was simply a small Thank You for all the work they are putting in. The house is something wonderful!!!
Thank You
Thank You

Millbrook Modular Homes, LLC
2255 Providence Hwy. (Route 1)
1.3 miles north of Gillette Stadium
(across from Panas Park Golfing Center)
Walpole, MA 02081
Phone: 508-734-5884
Fax: 508-734-5882
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Modular Homes: MA, RI, CT, NH
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