When you have land in Maine and you’re ready to build, entrust Millbrook Modular Homes. We can get you settled into your new place better and faster than anybody. When opting for one of our modern modular homes, you get all the benefits of a traditional custom home, but the work is done faster and to higher control standards.

This is because it’s built off-site, indoors, in a factory-like setting, away from New England’s fluctuating temperatures and common weather delays. In fact, once you’ve nailed down decisions on materials and colors, your house can be built and delivered in just six weeks! Plus, because of the intense inspections and regulations required of off-site building, modular homes are often even better quality than homes created on-site.

Benefits of Our Prefabricated Homes

Whether you’re interested in a single-family or multifamily home — in an urban, suburban or rural setting — there are many benefits to opting for one of our modern prefab homes. Unlike manufactured homes, they’re not on movable foundations; rather, they sit on permanent foundations just like any custom homes. At the same time, they offer several advantages that make them the superior choice:

  • Exceptional, energy-efficient construction using the latest techniques
  • Factory precision in building
  • Typically 25% cheaper than homes built on-site
  • Yet even sturdier and more durable construction
  • Built on budget and on tight timelines
  • No design limitations — any style, size, architectural details possible
  • Extensive reviews and approval processes
  • Fully compliant with all Maine building codes
  • No worries about weather or seasonal delays

Why Choose Us As Your Modular Home Builder?

Millbrook Modular Homes is proud to be the leading resource for modular home builders in Maine today. Backed by almost three decades of work in the industry, we are a fully concept-to-completion modular home builder, handling every aspect of your build.

Trust us to manage site excavation, engineering, foundation, plumbing, electrical, driveway/walkways, landscaping, outdoor lights and even your mailbox. If you want to do some or all the site work yourself, you can, too — there’s ultimate flexibility throughout the process, all designed to serve you. Simply put, we are the place to go for custom modular home builders you can trust.

Ready to learn more? View our models online or reach out anytime.

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