Millbrook Modular Homes is proud to produce modular homes that are energy efficient, Energy Star qualified and environmentally friendly.

From an environmental standpoint, nothing compares to modular homes. They are already more efficient than site-built homes simply because they’re built off-site, causing fewer wasted materials. Plus, the materials that do get used are higher quality — they have to be durable and resilient in order to be transported.

That strong, sturdy construction results in a solid home you can count on to ship from factory to job site and for years to come. This means less to maintain and repair for you. Likewise, with modular homes, all lumber is precision-cut at the factory for perfectly fitting joints that mean a tighter build with better energy efficiency.

While prefabricated green homes are designed to be stronger and more durable than site-built residences, the perks get even better with eco-modular homes. An eco-modular house takes efficiency up a notch from the traditional modular build with the addition of sustainable energy sources. These features are not only good for the planet, but also for your energy costs each month.

At Millbrook Modular Homes, we create homes that are so efficient, they are independently verified to meet the strict guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star qualification. The solar energy and geothermal energy sources built into our green prefab homes mean less waste and more sustainability, as well as lower utility bills for you as a homeowner.

Renewable energy offers abundant benefits: It reduces air pollution, lowers water usage, helps fight climate change, improves air quality and works efficiently. It also allows you to maintain comfortable home temperatures in a way that protects the world in which we live. These beautiful, environmentally friendly modular homes give you as a property owner the perfect residence that is not only visually appealing, but also efficient, economical, long-lasting, low-maintenance and good for the planet.

  • 2×10 exterior walls with high density insulation
  • Passive solar designs
  • Geothermal heating
  • High efficiency thermal pane windows
  • Renewable resource products, OSB
  • A selection of high efficiency lighting
  • Several low cost appliance options with Energy Star Ratings
  • A complete list of high efficiency heating and air conditioning products
  • High-density options of insulation grades

To speak to one of our team members about factory precision green houses please call us at our Walpole office 508-734-5884.

It’s the future of home building; a tighter, more energy-efficient home.

  • Tax Credits For Green Building
  • Cleaner and healthier indoor air quality
  • Less maintenance equals more time to relax
  • Go on vacation with the money you save

Millbrook Modular Homes constructs both single-family homes and multifamily homes in a wide variety of urban and rural locations. Talk to us about quality modular homes services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. If you want to learn more about creating a green home of your own, browse our models online or contact us at Millbrook to get started.

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